Reviews of Auragole's Journey

I loved every minute of "Auragole's Journey!" From the serendipitous moment, when the first book fell into my hands, until the last book, I was enthralled, captivated, taken into the world this wonderful storyteller has spun for us. The characters are richly imagined, human, and complex and the journey is compelling, providing enough twists and surprises to be always several steps ahead of the reader. The images and concepts are mythic and imaginative, yet for one who can read between the lines, they are far more than mere fantasy; providing very true pictures in the guise of fiction. I hope "Auragole" will journey very far indeed!
---David-Michael Monasch; eurythmist, teacher, actor/director, adult educator

Move over Tolkien! The Auragole quartet is an epic new myth. The images from the book speak powerful truths about the tasks of the human being today. I found the story inspirational, reminding me of the calling to all of us to awaken to our true nature and the tasks facing humanity. A modern day Parsival. Reading the Auragole quartet is an exciting journey into the questions facing humanity. Using powerful imaginations it speaks to the deepest challenges and struggles of the spiritual journey of each human being.
---Jonathan Hilton; CEO of Creative Alternatives of New York, "Providing therapeutic arts programs to special needs communities"

As a visual artist, one of the qualities I particularly admire in these excellent works is the descriptive power of Latessa's writing. The author presents a vast continent of exotic peoples and creatures which are as distinctive and varied as the landscapes they inhabit. Her imaginary world comes to life in the mind of the reader in all it's subtlety and particularity. The images created are vivid and moving--compelling for readers of any age.
---Doug Safranek; Master of Fine Arts, a painter whose work can be seen in The Museum of the City of New York, The New York Historical Society, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is represented by the ACA Galleries, NYC.

The author of the Auragole Quartet has managed to do something that in recent fantasy literature for young people and adults has been sorely missing. The four books combine fantastic images, adventures and characters that not only capture our imagination and heart, but also give us true spiritual pictures in such a way that they can be taken into the soul and provide nourishment for a long time after the last volume has been finished and put back on the shelf or more likely recommended or even loaned to a friend. These four books also present a use of the English language that is of the highest level; something that the more recent and more popular literature of this genre fails at. What more could a reader want today than to be captured, entertained and spiritually nourished all at once.
---Paul Corman; Priest of the Christian Community in Lima, Peru

I am blessed to have read an instant classic, and that classic is "Auragole's Journey." Shirley Latessa is a brilliant writer. I couldn't wait to read each succeeding book in this amazing quartet! These books not only comprise a literary masterpiece, but are a true gift from the heavens as well.
---Lawrence Pitilli, Associate Professor of Speech, St. John's University

Welcome to Auragole's world. Join with fellow travelers on a grand quest for a journey through an amazing foreign landscape. Latessa, a gifted story teller, creates an unforgettable saga on a cosmic scale, peopled with clear and colorful characters, overcoming obstacles and evil at every turn, as they travel forth to a final climactic battle. These books are for all readers interested in personal journeys, ready to join the quest, fight the good fight, solve riddles, and enjoy the thrill of high adventure in search of wisdom and truth.
---Rebecca Schacht; M.A., Teacher and Author of Lights Along the Path, Jewish Folklore Through the Grades